ENGLISH 17 Important Note The service provided by this Surgical Guide This is your key to success. When you know how to use this reference work effectively, you will be able to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered to you by this Surgical Guide. Time taken to read this page will be time well spent. Product index – Pages 47-64 With the help of the product index a suitable supplier can be found for any product offered. Please note that most of the companies in this Guide offer many different products. Do not hesitate therefore to contact a company about a certain product that may not be listed under its name. Alphabetical index of addresses – Pages 283-294 Here you will find in alphabetical order all companies presenting their products in this Surgical Guide. The complete address, telephone and fax number, world wide web + e-mail are given, together with the page number of their advertisement. Map of Tuttlingen and surrounding area Inside the back cover is a street plan of Tuttlingen and a map of the surrounding area, which will help you to find any of the listed companies when you pay them a visit. ACIG exhibitors are additionally listed in alphabetical order and given numbers which are shown on the map.